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"Mobile Clinic" for malnourished children:

Dr. Moharram uses her all-terrain vehicle as a "mobile clinic." She uses it to travel to remote rural areas with her team and tries to treat as many malnourished children as possible.
Why is this necessary? The problem is that many parents are not able to bring their malnourished children to the clinics in the city: penniless, limited mobility due to the war, long distance, lack of infrastructure.
The idea is to adopt the concept of the "mobile clinic" for malnourished children of Dr. Moharram and to support and/or equip other local doctors so that they can also help in remote regions:


  • Support in purchasing or renting vehicles, support in putting together teams, doctors should not be on the road alone

  • Support in buying reconstituted food: powdered milk, Plumpy'nut
    (Buying locally is better at the moment because it is difficult to ensure that the relief supplies arrive due to blockades, etc.). Often they do arrive, but very late and then unusable. It also supports local traders and the local economy).

  • Training of the doctors (by Dr. Moharram)

When food for malnourished children is given to their parents, a water filter ( is also handed over.
It is given to the parents, together with a short instruction and some education about other hygiene measures.
Thus the risk for infection, of the already strongly weakened children, with e.g. Cholera can be strongly reduced. This also has a positive effect on the health of the families of the affected children.
Our first pallet of water filters has already arrived in Yemen. (May 2021)

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