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2021 Aurora Humanitarians | Ashwaq Moharram
Aurora Prize



Dr. Ashwaq Moharram and her team have been to  the village of Shradah, located in the Abbs district of Hajah province. It has about 150 inhabitants.


It is approximately 4 hours drive from Hodeida, and is close to the city of Sadda and the border with Saudi Arabia. The area is therefore particularly badly affected by bombings and military operations. In addition, heavy rains there regularly make the situation worse. The rainfall and the resulting floods are so severe that people often drown.

The people are very poor, they usually work either as fishermen or in the agricultural sector/as farmers. But that has hardly been possible since the war. A key factor here is the high oil price caused by the blockades. This makes fuel for the fishing boats and water pumps for irrigating the fields and transport unaffordable. Some fishermen were killed by bombs.

Due to the lack of income, they cannot support their families.


Dr. Moharram provided around 80 children in the village with the vital milk powder and examined the children:

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